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The Art of Eye Contact

With an emphasis being drawn from a Mediterranean summer, this collection is designed for the girl who romanticises her summer vacation. With the use of sensual silhouettes, effortless pairings and vibrant colours used to enhance the female body, she's now relishing in the picturesque location for a summer swim and drawing the attention of the locals all around her. Through employing experimental construction and manipulation techniques in the service of a feminine aesthetic, The Art of Eye Contact is drawing the eyes to provoke a prolonging gaze and provides a sense of confidence to the wearer when being seen.

The Art Of eye contact

by Emma Pollock

Each silhouette is designed around enhancing your summer experience. Whether that is going out for dinner and drinks, a mid-summer swim or even a walk through the town. Each garment is bringing to life these romanticised expectations. Finding inspiration from the jet-set era of the 1970s, two-piece sets became a favourite of travellers as the effortless pairings allowed for an unrivalled sense of ease and style throughout trips. While there was an increased desire for more casual ready-to-wear garments, there was still an emphasis on luxury through incorporating vibrant accessories and statement sunglasses.

Emma Pollock

Emma is a Fashion and Marketing graduate aspiring to become a digital marketer for the fashion industry. Moving forward she aspires to build a presence within an industry that places prominence in creating captivating and inspiring content that highlights the quality of refined silhouettes much like the collection she has created.