Fashion - Bachelors


A collection based on the most influential women in my life that have inspired and shaped me into the person I am today. Each silhouette represents meaningful aspects of my life that I reflect on when I think about these women, moments in time and significant memories that I have experienced with them.

The women who have had the most influence on my life are my great-grandmother, grandmother, aunt, and mother. Of the six silhouettes in the collection, my great-grandmother, grandmother and aunt each have one silhouette representing them. The other three silhouettes represent my inspirational mother, one symbolising when she was first diagnosed with cancer, another just before she passed away and the final silhouette is how I envisage her now.

Kiralee Welsh

As a young fashion designer with an insightful eye aimed at attention to detail, Kiralee is extremely passionate about executing designs of the highest quality. Kiralee also studied a Bachelor of Business as a second degree and is meticulously driven to utilise her fashion knowledge within a marketing capacity.