Fashion - Bachelors

Modern Elegance

The collection Modern Elegance is a representation of who I am as a person, as well as who I am as a designer to produce the best and most accurate collection. I have incorporated mostly natural fabrics, with some synthetic fabrics, neutral and bold tones with a lot of structured and soft elements to the garments. This collection takes a lot of inspiration from interior design into it. I have kept plain linen fabrics within this collection as I have used it throughout my degree and it has become something that represents me as a designer.

Jessica Horwood

Jessica is a 2022 graduate with a Bachelor of Business (Marketing)/ Bachelor of Design (Fashion). Post University she is utilising both degrees to run her own fashion label, designing and manufacturing everything herself. Her graduating collection "Modern Elegance" embraces the women body while combining it with minimalist design aesthetic, strongly influenced by Interior Design.