Fashion - Bachelors


Kούκλα (Greek for doll), a conceptual love letter to Mediterranean culture, it follows tragedy through childhood, love, anguish, death, and marriage, while set among the fruit trees and insect friends. Kούκλα – the collection idolises the common term of endearment while also breaking down the idealistic barriers of fragility and perfection. To truly reflect the Mediterranean woman, each dress is constructed from size 12, with dramatically highlights the hips area, as these wide hips are a common body shape for Mediterranean women. Kούκλα is the definition of understated power.


Collection Preview

Behind Koukla Collection

Textile work

Below is an example of my textile experimentation in a digitalised format. Utilising textured digital brushes, I reconstructed the base of the brushes to create fluid waves with textured colours. In the three variations, I aimed to change the fluidity and deep texture of the colours. The entire concept of these textile designs is explosive envy – an emotion considered vile in humanity however so deeply complex.

Accessory Experimentation: Crowns

During my graduate collection, I developed an admiration for crowns – from simple crystal bead crowns to using paper mache to mirror Venus fly trap buds. The crowns in this collection were organic, with hardly any design thought before construction. My work in crowns developed into complete maximalism as I improved my technique and experimentation. The white crown was the pinnacle in the collection, using buckram to create the shape and adding wire to extend the crown beyond the base. The Venus fly trap crown was developed after many fabric-based constructions failed, and the organic nature of paper mache created the perfect lightweight buds.

Lauren Pandelakis

Lauren is a conceptual designer focusing on sculpting fabrics to manipulate a silhouette to articulate the body and emotion. She often bares deep into her soul to express herself and her concept in her garments. Lauren commonly favours silks and jacquards for texture to evoke interaction by the viewer and has favouritism towards hand stitching and hand beading.