Fashion - Bachelors


‘Impression’ explores the self-organisation theory of dreaming; how the subconscious mind works as a system to process thoughts, emotions and experiences through combining random elements of each into a seemingly continuous narrative. This is established through the juxtaposition of structural and architectural design elements with organic and textural elements, representing the structure of the conscious mind and the fluidity and unpredictability of the unconscious mind, and how the boundaries between the two are blurred. The entire collection is also entirely made from deadstock, second-hand, and repurposed fabrics, yarn, and trims; an indication of my ethics and my mindfulness toward sustainable design practices.

Photographed by Courtney Campbell
Modelled by Sian Verdouw and Taylor Dickson
Hair & Makeup by Gemma Keeley

Hayley Muller

Hayley is the designer behind the graduate collection, 'Impression'. Her work centres around textural exploration and how this can be juxtaposed against structural design elements - exploring the boundaries between fluidity and structure. She also endeavours to continuously include sustainable practices in her work, with her graduate collection being entirely made from deadstock, second hand and repurposed fabric, yarn and trims.