Fashion - Bachelors

Graduate Collection: “Ragged Royalty”

This collection, made entirely of second-hand and waste materials, is inspired by the excessive French court scene, with elitist and extravagant aesthetics appropriated into a chaotic arrangement of queer/punk styles. The motif of the rafflesia flower represents an irreverent approach towards the traditional "house flower," as it is parasitic and infamously pungent.

Look 1

Green wool is given a second chance in this villain era ensemble, with angular points and a contrasting pink satin lining.

Look 2

Grandma left her couch unguarded, which means its time for new overalls, complete with fauxhawk bakerboy cap for maximum punk.

Look 3

Recycled vinyl welding screen brings an unexpected element of drama to this look, with a pair of shoes in the last place you’d expect.

Look 4

Courtly attire has never been so sexy in sheer crystal organza, complimented nicely with a stomcher-inspired pair of denim shorts.

Look 5

Grandma had her back turned again, so I took the curtains, too. They make quite a comfortable quilted dress.

Look 6

The Finale.
Scraps from the other outfits in this project culminate into this monstrosity of a coat, paired with a deserving crown and scandalously short shorts.

Steven Kyriazis

Steven is a former film student who saw the light, and - after escaping the rural township of Rockhampton - decided to pursue fashion. As a member of the queer community, Steven's work often brings to light issues of classism, social inequality, and environmental concerns, with a trademark irreverent quirk.