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Ama Namin (Our Father)

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Ama Namin is a depiction of Post-colonial Philippines and neo-colonial structures that are still in place in the country. A prominent result of colonialism is Maximalism. Filipinos have a fear of empty spaces as it can represent loss or return back to colonial periods. Therefore, we have a tendency to hoard and add value to everything we own. The Philippines was colonized by the Spaniards, Americans and the Japanese invaders. The key features in my collection use elements that are lasting influences of these countries, adapted by resistant contemporary Filipino cultures. This can be seen through fabric use and drape, that reflect religious iconography and utilitarian features.

Studio Photoshoot
Photographer: Johnathan Oldham @johnooldham
Models: Haruko @h.a.r.u.k.o, Cooper @c_basse

Silhouette #6 Photoshoot
Photographer: Diego Aquilizan
Model: Leon Aquilizan

Amihan Aquilizan

Amihan Aquilizan (she/her) is a Meanjin-based designer and artist with a background in Fashion Design. As a 1.5 generation Filipino immigrant, Amihan uses her practice as a tool to relearn and reconnect to her Filipino heritage. She explores this through storytelling; imbued in her designs and silhouettes.