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12hr Graveyard Shift

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The graveyard shift refers to the late night to early morning shift usually spanning over the hours of 11pm-7am. The title of my collection is an exaggeration of the original phrase that reflect both the hours gone into the development of this collection, as well as my cynical and pessimistic attitude towards the fact. Through humour devices and an exploration into movements like Dada and postmodernist tropes such as Deconstructivism, this collection aims to visually depict my personal psychological reaction while embodying the ‘12hr Graveyard Shift’. There is always something to complain about if you look hard enough.

12hr graveyard shift

yongju jun

In my work, I enjoy exploring concepts that have my audience questioning beliefs and norms they are already familiar with. My dress philosophy is that: one's wardrobe should consist of garments and accessories that directly reflect and accommodate to their lifestyle while also making them feel good in wearing said items. My personal criteria of dress is: to stand apart without drawing attention. The end goal for me as a designer would be to attain a holistic bridge between all three. I'm not going to write about myself in third person.