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To help support you through creating your project page, we pulled together all the information you need to know here, including a video showing how to build out your project page.

1. Gather your Materials

To create an engaging project page, we recommend gathering photos and details about your project before you begin. You will also need a photo of yourself.

2. Enter your Details

After you fill out your details, the design festival will email you a unique link, so you can work on your 2022 Design Festival project page.

3. Submit Your Project

When you’ve finished adding images and text for your project page, you can preview how it will look. Make changes until you’re happy with it, then submit it for review.


Where do I submit my project?
Each discipline has its own link to submit projects – you can submit your Fashion project here. The password required to view the form will have been emailed to you (search for the email titled “QUT Design Festival 2022 – Submitting Your Fashion Project”). If you have already begun your project, check your email for your unique project link to continue editing your project.

What do each of the project content blocks look like?
You can view how an example of the blocks looks like on the Project Styleguide. This is just a list of all the blocks and how they appear, you can still assemble them in any order that you prefer.

I’m not sure how my project should be structured, do you have any examples?
You can check out some projects from last years design exhibition for some inspiration, however remember, there isn’t a right or wrong way to display your project.

I started my project, but didn’t get the project link emailed to me!
First, check your spam email folder, in case it made it there – then search for “QUT Design Festival – Your Project Link”. If you still can’t find it, fill out the help form below and a support member will be in touch.

How many images do I need?
You need a main image for your project, which will be displayed in the project grid and at the top of your project page, plus a photo of yourself which will also be displayed in both places. If you have other photos, you can add them into your project page using galleries or place them alongside the text.

What assets do I need at a minimum?
Your project page will serve as a portfolio piece into the future, so providing details about the process and creation behind your project will show prospective employers how you work and give them a way to get in touch.

Project Photo – 1500x800px, with the main details in the centre of the image. This will be used in wide format on the project page itself at the top and a square centred crop used in the grid displaying everyone’s project.
Avatar Photo of you – 300x300px minimum, rectangular images will be centre cropped to square.

Bio – 30 – 50 words about yourself, written in the third person.
Project description – About 50 words to introduce your project

Your Details
Name – This will be displayed alongside your project
Email – An email address is necessary, but you have the option to publish it or not
Social Media Links – These are optional, but should be centred around your personal brand as a designer, rather than personal social media accounts. This is a good opportunity to gain followers for your future work, or allow others to connect via LinkedIn.

Videos are optional, however if you do have them, they should be uploaded to YouTube (and made public so they can be viewed), or uploaded to Vimeo. You will also need a thumbnail image (1500x800px) that will be used as a preview as videos will be displayed in a popup on the page.

Anything else that you think is beneficial to your project, such as further imagery, quotes, or descriptions about your process.

My images are too big! How do I resize them?
There are a few online tools that you can use to resize your images, one example is PicResize.

How do I add a video?
Videos must first be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo – then they can be added to your project page.

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